Transistor V


It’s clear outside the church. The priests and celestials abandoned ship with their tails between their legs. Seth’s power is too immense and out of control. His understanding of the world is warped and broken. Shattered through ages of suffering and delusion.

Isaiah and Sarah manage to escape this twisted encounter with their lives.

“Lucky break, huh,” Isaiah says, lighting the cigarette hanging between his lips.

“Tell me about it. So what now? Where’d you come from?” Sarah says. “You know, before all this?

“Oh, shit!” Isaiah remembers the reason for all this trouble. “There’s a child in the gate!” he explains.

“Wait… It’s been like half a day…” she says, eyebrow raise high.

“EXACTLY!” Isaiah shouts.

“You’re serious?” Sarah asks.

“No, I’m fucking joking. Of course I’m serious! What would even be the point of a lie like that?”

Isaiah explains what’s going on to Sarah on the way out of the woods. He tells her how the boy ate the fruit of knowledge and was led to the gate for his own protection. He explain how he needs her help to track the passage the boy used to cross the gate.

Agreeing to help, they find an abandoned cabin near the edge of the woods. They get inside and draw a large transmutation circle for teleportation and they both land back at Isaiah’s personal transmutation circle at home.

From there Sarah begins to track the nearest passage to the gate used. They’re led right to the boy’s abandoned home.

“I won’t go with you, but don’t forget you owe me,” Sarah says standing over the spot Sabastian was when Ref led him to the gate.

“Anything. I’m in debt!” Isaiah says. “Just ask.”

“Train me!” she says, a smirk splashed across her face.

“As you wish,” he responds.

And with that she’s gone. Continuing her own adventure leaving Isaiah to deal with his original mission, rescuing the child.

Isaiah designs a complicated transmutation circle where the pathway should have opened and he sits meditation pose dead center. When it’s activated his surroundings plunge into darkness and become surrounded by flames. Finally, a day late to save the child he enters the void on the other side of the gate. When the boy appears before Isaiah in his static prison the look in his eyes is hollow and curious. Like there is no child behind those eyes.