Transistor I




“FUCK! What the fuck, man!” A pile of bed covers twitches and falls over, a man’s there. Isaiah sits up and rubs the transmutation circle on his head, where his hair would be. “What!” he says, eyes squinting. Eyebrows staring at his nose. “Will you ever leave me alone? This is crazy. Let me sleep! PLEASE! Please let me sleep? FUCK! What?”

“There’s a problem.”

“MY GOD! WHAT ELSE IS NEW!?” Isaiah flops his arms out and sinks his shoulders.

“This is serious.”

“LISTEN, RUDOLPH THE REDNOSED SHITHEAD! NO! FIND SOMEONE ELSE!” He hops of the bed and digs through the dressers in the room picking random clothing items. Jeans from the hamper, slides them on. One black sock from one side of the room. One black sock from the other.

“A kid has swallowed a piece of the apple.”

“Good apple or bad apple?” he asks.

“Good apple.”

“Then, fuck him. That sucks, but it’s not my problem. Send him to someone else. An apostle might help.” A blue suede button up over an upper body covered in transmutation lines.

“A child!”

“What?” Isaiah stops moving. “How young are we talking?” Adjusts his collar.


“WHAT!?” Holy shit! What? Are you serious? How did this happen?” He undoes the top button on the shirt and leans against the oak wood dresser.

“An apostle fed it to him.”

“So much for holy. And you want me to kill the apostle?” Isaiah asks.

“No. He’s dead. But he did it so save the child.”

“Sooooo then, Ref?” he sits on the bed to slide on onyx boots.

“The celestials sense the child ate the fruit. You must reach him.”

Isaiah stands back off the bed and out the room, through an apartment littered with books and loose pages, documentations of transistor like himself and their ability of transmutation. “Don’t have to do shit!”

“I led him to the gate.”

“Wh-what?! What the fuck, Ref? What’s wrong with you, then?” he stops in front of the building. “Do you know where it is at least? If that’s even possible!”


“Great! Thanks. Shit! I’m on it, FUCK!” Isaiah complains his way down the Queens’ sidewalk.

“Thank you.”

“Fuck you! Go away!” He walks into a liquor store and walks out with a cigarette hanging from his lips, a Newport pack in his shirt pocket and an open beer in his hand.

The store owner runs out with a gun. “STOP! Give me my shit!” he yells at Isaiah.

Isaiah raises his right hand and flips him the bird. The transmutation lines on his upper body and arms glow gold through his shirt and he sinks into the sidewalk vanishing. He’s gone as far as the store owner knows. Isaiah walks out of the window of a bodega across the street.

He heads back to the apartment where he enters a room filled with candles. A large transmutation circle painted on the floor stretches the expanse of the room, similar in design to the one on his back. He sits in the middle, meditation pose.

“I need someone who can sense holy energy. An apostle,” Isaiah says. The transmutation circle on his head lights up. His eyes glow white. His body fades the way Finn’s did when he transmuted.

Isaiah reappears in a vast forest. Tall brown trees as far as the eyes can see. Green bush leaves high in the sky shake viciously. He stands off the grass. Branches a hundred feet away drop from the trees in the area.

A bright shining orb of yellow light slams into the dirt where the branches landed.

And then large feathery white wings hover down to the exact spot.

“Oh shit!” Isaiah takes off in that direction, sinks into the floor, pops beneath the celestial grabbing him by the ankles. They both sink again and pop up a few yards away.

Isaiah is lifted off his feet as the celestial takes flight. He’s taken to the treetops. “I don’t think so!” Isaiah says. Lines on his arm glow, and his arms turn metallic silver. They’re unbelievably dense. “This is where you lose, buddy!”

The celestial is dragged down by the weight and crashes through the treetops breaking both its wings and falling down to the forest floor.

Isaiah falls right through the ground and walks out unscratched from a nearby tree.

“AHH!” the celestial screams in rage. He gets to his feet and starts running at Isaiah only to be struck by a beam of purple energy.

“Scripture…” Isaiah says.

A brunette woman, hair tied up, walks from the beam’s direction. Yellow polka dot ‘50s girl next door dress, arms and neck covered with scripture.

The forest begins to shake. Dried leaves rain from the trees.

The celestial retracts his broken wings, roars furious and a visible red and yellow aura emit from it.

She raises her arms walking to the celestial and fires another purple beam at him, bigger and brighter than before. The celestial runs right through it. The beam splits to either side and he pushes through. He’s quickly on the woman, but within seconds of that Isaiah is on him.

Isaiah places the circle on his hand over the celestial’s chest. An explosion launches all three in separate directions.

Isaiah and the woman spring to their feet and meet halfway in the middle.

“Sarah,” the woman says.


The celestial’s aura explodes full blown red where he lands. A second later he’s behind both of them, slamming their heads together and tossing them both across the forest.

Scripture on Sarah’s arms goes a deep violet. A bubble surround both her and Isaiah, landing them safely. And again the celestial is right on them, but they’re ready now. Before he manages to attack Sarah jumps, propelling herself into the sky with another blast of holy energy aimed at the celestial.

Isaiah creates a triangle using the space between his hands. A transmutation circle forms in the air in front of him and reflects the woods upside down. The image does a 180 degree spin in the circle and the forest around Isaiah does a 180 as well. The treetops now below him, he lands on the branches looking up at the ground overhead. Sarah and the celestial now upside down with the woods.

Sarah touches her forehead. Her sternum. Left side of the chest. Right side of the chest. She spreads her arms out and a silhouette the shape of her body shoots out and wraps around the celestial. It encloses him him in a sphere of black tarlike substance.

A circle appears beneath Isaiah. As he begins to disappear a red beam shoots out from the tar and hits Sarah precisely as Isaiah struck from above into the circle and out on the ground with the forest right side up. He briefly blacks out and regains consciousness while both he and an unconscious Sarah are being dragged away by the now red skinned celestial.

The celestial feels a tug when Isaiah shifts and realizes he’s regained consciousness. He turns around and smiles at Isaiah, cocks back his leg and knocks him unconscious with a kick to the head.