To Know


At times when my mind races and I question the many faces I’m faced with
When the many voices offer so many choices, but I just want the noises to drop low
To go, let me do what I know I have to, and be who I know I need to
That’s when the traces show
Dried leaves blow off and reveal people and places from long ago
Dyed varied colors to hide consistency and flow
Lies self-told as I got old to convince myself they’re worth their weight in gold
Bold tides collide and perspective modified
It clarified that the glow I saw, although still raw, was mine

It cleared, I have reasons to be here
A season of treason to convention and tradition
The condition of ascension
With no permission, on a mission
Dematerialized material vices
And I can’t recognize why I decided to be on the side I decided to be on
But I’ll capitalize on the capital size of this awareness.
It’s only fair when I stare this in the face

Antagonize me all you want
It’ll familiarize me with what you’ve got
Don’t mean to patronize what you’ve brought
But my determination determines ages of terminations
My lack of patience was vast
But I learned the basics at last
And inspiration will come
But motivation has won
With less hesitation and more dedication
I’ll dress these dispossessed fiends, creeps and whores
Hidden behind neuron doors
To you they might appear as chores
To me, I profess I’m obsessed
Refusal to regress is where the success is
And I confess this is where the stress is
Wont reassess, shit.
This is it.
It’s what it always was, and what it was always going to be.