Mirror on the Wall


Loud machinery wakes me up. Can’t see a thing. There isn’t enough room to spread my arms too far out. There’s almost nowhere to move my feet. Panic immediately consumes me. I frantically attack the inside of the container.

The walls.


“AHH!” Slips from my lungs, bursting through my vocal cords and out my mouth. “WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS!”

Images of coffins and the movie Buried raced through my mind. Poor Ryan Reynolds was fucked straight through that film!

Nothing budges or moves. This box is static.

A deep breath calms me enough to organize all relevant thoughts. Understanding my environment becomes priority number one.

I’m cushioned in by walls to my back and sides. A surface frictionless smooth before me. Increased resolution reveals glass.

The padding inside is whiter as I see more. A grey featureless wall twenty feet away appears. It stretches the entire view on the other side of the glass.

Out of sight shines an electric blue light. It’s barely there. The wall is just bright enough to reflect the faintest bit. The source is hidden too far left to see from inside the container.

The light flickers chaotically. Add the color of the light to the mix and electrical equipment seems like a safe bet.

“Pfffffffff,” a bright white smoke shoots outside from the container like a fire extinguisher. The glass shakes. It comes off and lifts up like the suicide doors on that Lamborghini I’ve never had.

Let me tell you, there is no way to react at this moment. Whether leaving the container is even safe or not isn’t information I possess. I consider the lack of options. The alternative is stay inside until someone rescues me. I leave.

I’m careful to not be seen if there is a threat. I peek before moving out. Just one eye at first. Then both when I notice the wall doesn’t appear to end in sight.

I step out and look for the source of the electric discharge. It’s coming from the wall where my container was. Still too dark to see most of the wall. The area around the discharge has a control panel some ten feet up.

Vision is sharpening and the black begins to fade into view. Brighter and brighter it gets. The wall facing my container is now white.

The wall opposite is filled with containers identical to my own.



Highly advanced technology the likes of which I’ve never seen.

In awe, I take a step back. The top of this structure of identical containers rises further than I can see. It expands to both sides past the horizon along with the white wall.

I rush over to the glass of another container. To see what’s inside. To free whoever else is here with me. Maybe they know what’s going on!

I get close. There is someone inside. His face is fuzzed out the way pubic hair is in Asian porn. But clearing up.

The beating of my heart, pulse and all, they stop.

I’m inside the container.

I back up.

“What do I do? What do I do?” I ask myself. In total disbelief I look again. Still there. It’s me.

I need to discuss what I’m seeing, but there is no one to talk to.

Further inspection is in order. I move over one, look into the glass and it’s also me. It’s all me.

I back up.

From end to end, stretching into infinity and beyond. Me. Just me. All of me, infinite times. They’re all me…