Eyes Wide Shut


Avoiding clouds
My thoughts get loud
I scream and shout
But I’m trapped inside
So as time goes by
When the feeling is right
Cave in and sink
Can’t think on the brink
The edge is always by my side
Keeping me company
Holding me tight
‘Cause maybe one day
When the feeling is right
I’ll be stealing the hearts of millions
Middle of the night
Revealing the locked up
Hope sealed behind the pillow they’re on
Sky fucked up
Smite lightning flashing right in plain sight beside me
Ashes flying ‘round fighting the wind trying to strike me
Quietly I’m shook highly into the stratosphere

Wait, wait
Let me roll over
Turn on the lamp
Find the lighter
Light it bright


Quietly I’m shook highly into the stratosphere
Where I acquire doubt when I see my thoughts down there
Don’t know what that’s about
Like a prison, this isn’t what is shown
Down the sniper scope
The hype, insistent lunatic
His mind blown by the simple shit
He must be overthrown
I want to be that
But I’m too full to ever go back
I want the grind

Hold that thought
My throat got dry
Let me get some water
Take a seat
I’ll be right back
Only be a minute

Get back
Lay down
Close eyes

Now I’m falling from the sky
To that guy on ground level
Focused like a hell hound
Calling out to the devil
For some incredible help
Since heaven rebelled
I dwell
On whether I’m well
Halt just shy of turning back into myself
Float there watching me melt
Into the sheets
But I fell and became me
Back in bed
Unable to sleep
Voices still screaming in my head
So instead a crawl over to the keyboard
Bored, type and horde words all night
Fed up
Filled with regret
And spent up
But more words and more words
They keep coming
Nowhere to put them
They mean nothing
Twist and turn
Burn the useless ones
Get tired
Back to bed
I close my eyes
No thoughts floating around my head down there now
Sleep as if I were dead
Void blackness