America Was Never Great


Miscommunication is the source of most misery within this crooked nation, of course
Disintegration and structural failure of systematic behavior and history it seems to be
Alterations of reflections
Unintentional erections for disasters and attention
Dissection of intention and apprehension when ascension is in play
Riddles question the path plaguing the rest of the way
Leaving illusions behind on display

And the whole roll is cold and old and no amount of flow can truly show what’s needed to be known to let go and move on with no holdbacks. We have to want to know what we already know but refuse acknowledge because of fear it’ll haunt us for eternity and rot us black, we don’t want that, we don’t like that

It’s maddening sad, “I don’t want to be known as bad”
So we hide our head between our legs and don’t say shit
Swallow the word spit glob in the back of our throat robbing us
Forcing us to choke on words we shouldn’t be holding on to out of fear
‘Cause we don’t know what else to do when we’re here
It sends us into the chaos spiral that drives us mad
And we don’t know how to race those streets the media won’t show us

Caged animals
Staged cattle
They rattle us in phases
To infuriate us hoping we battle the caged neighbors ignoring the slave labor
We set them up to do it better
Control us with our authority
No one’s sorry if we walked into the pigpen after signing the contract in pen
In big bold words, “I sign my soul over ‘till the end”
They’re doing what we put them there to do
Whether or not we decide to admit that that’s what is true

They know their purpose and it’s worth it to them that we’re hurt if they win
We wanted winners to feel better that our inner mind could not
So we settled for whatever popped up and regret it
We can’t take it back so we keep face to erase the sour taste of our hasteful mistakes and it makes us fake
But fake to no one but ourselves ‘cause no one else cares or even knows we regret it
We never said it
It’s all pride in our minds driving us to lie and hide these ideals manipulating the vacated spirit which resides over the memories of time wasted in our lives trying to get pussy or high
Fighting a color, android or Iphone 5
Divided by trivial nonsense while they change the laws right under our noses
Informational mustaches we’ve neglected and now it’s all over the place but we noticed after we went out to the party and everyone else is staring at our faces laughing
That the nation is in shambles handling some old dude’s rambles, battling self-given cancer
Extinction is the answer
Extinction is the answer