All of Which is The American Dream


Destroying Net Neutrality

Suppress the freedom of speech known as Net Neutrality.
This will allow us to do a couple of impressive things while the sheeple stumble below us.
Primarily dealing with race. We’ll finally be able to suppress all this bullshit talk of racism and our honest hard working cops can finally get those dangerous niggers out of our streets. They’ll be able to protect our families the right way without some liberal pussy aiming a camera incriminating the human instead of the monkey. THAT is key.

Second, fuck all this bullshit about rape. Rape this, rape that. They’re just a bunch of whiny women who can’t seem to get their shit together and want to pretend they don’t like it because all the bitches around them pretend they don’t. But they know they want it, it’s human. They’re human. Now they won’t be able to go online and exaggerate a case that is nowhere near as severe at they’d like it to be.

Third, media has taken a strange turn in the last couple of years. Once actors and radio were the gods. The companies, the fame and the money. Now it’s all this half media crap. “Alternative media” or whatever they think it is. It’s a delusional dream they’re living. They’ve even stolen music from us and put them on their dumb streaming services destroying the radio companies in the process. This country needs to pick up again and it happens through revitalizing businesses that once kept people employed.

Forth, we need to start worrying about our own first. We need to keep our eye on us, not what’s happening elsewhere in the world. This means our military can do what is required without the very citizens it’s protecting having something to say about it. It means we can keep them out and keep us in until we are repaired.

Fifth, the government won’t be spying on every little thing you do on the internet. You pay your fee and we don’t give a shit because we got paid. THAT is how a company works.

Sixth, tradition. It’s how things were always done, why the fuck did we change them in the first place if they worked how they were?

Now that you've been entertained...

In the United Stated of America

Freedom of speech is being suppressed in exchange for a dollar
The media controls the people
The government controls media
The money controls government

The people are being directly attacked by their government and paralyzed. Out of stupidity I assume
They complain in total inaction


People abused, killed, manipulated and enslaved

All proof suppressed by their big bad wolves, the corporate structure of government

Fight for what you believe in, kind sheeple, because unless you do something drastic as a unit, they will not respond. You will be abused and manipulated without end. People of the U.S., your freedom is stolen tiny increments at a time so you don’t notice. If this one slides anything on the other side will be invisible to the rest of us. Your voice will go unheard. You will not recover because the suppression was successful. Stand and take action because the big bad wolf finally found how to knock your house down. And he’s coming. You have to scare him away.

Your daughters will be sexually abused and forcefully silenced. Your wives and granddaughters too.
Companies will infest nature with chemical waste with no way for those opposed to seek help outside their money controlled towns and cities.
When states begin moving their colored people into camps you’ll have no way of knowing.

Don’t lose this one America. There is no going back on this one.