Little Asskicker


In the middle of a brawl
Me and my little bro need to the fuck out before the cops arrive after they’ve been called
Standing tall over the bodies of some wannabe thugs
Childhood lack of hugs led them to rise above hard working lives and join the drugs
They decided to get tough
We decided to fuck them up
And now we gonna get jump
But my little bro’s a black belt with anger problems who just got dumped and felt some type of way about it
I tell them they don’t want the sauce
This spaghetti is too much
They’re not ready
They go hard like raw noodles
Snap the crew in too, though
A spinning back kick stirs the dish
They moan and bitch
The cheesy smile on my face as my bro makes his rounds
The sound of their cries is hilarious now
Sauce stained clothes showed those fools not to drool over someone else’s food
Didn’t mean to be rude but as they were knocked out I ran their pockets
Found the locket with the photo of one’s child
Burned with a smile
Burned the money too
Maybe three grand or two