Those Before Us


The still static conglomerate structure of eroding American civilization stands in crumble as the humble rest of the world watches the catastrophic collapse. The value of the dollar is soon to be erased from the Earth along with all other forms of finance and capitalism. And it’ll breathe life into a new world.
As the aged leaders struggle holding on to their kept, outdated, irrelevant ideologies the younger future of the planet will move forward, for they know time will surely always loosen the grip of ignorance and shove the old aside with the same force they abuse the weak.

But enter power with a humble tone for corruption is unavoidable. And age will assure we are who we fight as we grow to struggle letting go of the beliefs we have understood as “right” from the start. And time will show us no mercy, for those who come after have the reason. But we will not give up easily, and the younger incoming power will only earn it by taking it from our relentless determined hands the way we were obligated to do to those before us. Unless time step in and push us out, the way it did those before us.