Reasons Why

I love you not only because you make me happy or because I can trust you. I love you because we feel comfortable with each other. So comfortable we can fart in front of each other without making ugly faces. We just laugh as we each pass gas. I love you because from day one I could talk to you so easily. Which is hard for me to do and I was able to share so much with you. I love you because I never get bored when I am by your side. No matter what we are doing. From going on an adventure to just cuddling on the sofa. Knowing you are with me makes the day so much brighter. I love you because you are like no other. Perfect you are to me. I wouldn't change who you are no matter how much you annoy me. I love you because the way you looked at me when you first said those three words. I knew you truly meant them as much as I did. You gave a look like no other. The look I can still picture in my head. Your eyes told me the truth of how much you love me. I love you because you are you and I hope you feel the same for me.


By Maddy Cakes