An accidental sentimental mentally tangential oriental parental rental I rent till my experimental intercontinental environmental change ends.

A foreign exchange student. A changed student. Confused of a diffused transition into infused translations of induced impatience and produced inflations.

Didn’t sign up, threw no signs up, but sigh and size up lies from shy skies to look up to. Terrorize disguised, slick ties and snake eyes. Advise the unwise to crystallize crystal eyes and devise, polarize, downsize and reorganize the prize of demise, a country.

Visualize and internalize a theorized civilization intellectualizing and internationalizing international-eyes-ing. Idolize THEIR idol eyes. Minimize the glamorized digitized advertisements. Agonize and empathize failure to analyze behavior. Recognize unutilized minds not realizing they’ve got so little, timewise.

They’ll regret.

By Seth McAllister