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2.12 The Christmas Cage & Satan Claws

The Just Conversation Podcast
2.12 The Christmas Cage & Satan Claws

On this Christmas edition the philosophers are joined by Dave ‘The Klone’ (founder of The Hollow9ine Podcast Network) for “woke” conversation. The trio worships materialism to get into the holiday spirit and please Santa. Young children are handed fresh copies of Mortal Kombat and shown slasher flicks. The Matrix simulation gets hacked by a troll using God-Mode. They stage a war to harvest souls. And alternate facts are explained.

All that and more on this episode of The Just Conversation Podcast.
Take nothing personal.

Dave ‘The Klone’ - The Hollow9ine Podcast Network

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Topics In This Episode

- The Philosophy of Christmas
- Capitalist Holidays
- Worship of Materialism
- Santa in reference to God
- Obedience Reward Systems
- Indoctrination
- Depression During Holidays
- No more love in Christmas
- Mortal Kombat gifts for Children
- Slasher Flicks
- The Matrix Hacker
- Simulations
- Alien Invasions Cover Ups
- Human Powers and Suppressed Abilities
- The Devil and The Illuminati
- Devils and Developers
- Higher Dimensional Realities
- God-Mode Hack
- War designed for Soul Harvesting
- Being Woke
- Illusions and Alternate Facts

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