The Rules

  1. 6 Players Per Tournament

  2. Before the tournament begins, each of the six players selects 4 representing skaters from the Battle at the Berrics tournament bracket.

  3. The selection is done by drawing player names at random for the first round.

  4. No two players can select the same skater.

  5. It’s advised to break up the selection into 4 regions on the double bracket, each containing 8 skaters to choose from, and only one from each region. (Upper Left 8, Lower Left 8, Lower Right 8, Upper Right 8.) Thus, avoid eliminating oneself before the semi final, collecting the most points along the way.

  6. When two of one players skaters face each other the player is awarded an automatic 10 Points but one of the two skaters is eliminated.

  7. At the start of every match each skater begins with 5 points. During the match 1 point is awarded to a skater for giving a letter. 1 point is subtracted for receiving one. (A skater winning a match can make no less points than 6, no more points than 10. A skater losing a match can make no more points than 4, no less points than 0. as a result.)

  8. Forfeits award the winning skater 5 points and the forfeit 0.

  9. Trading of skaters on an opposing team is allowed between rounds. Points do not trade. You keep what you got from the skater you traded, and you gain only what the skater you’ve received makes after the trade.

  10. (Pending Rule) Buying of skaters not on a team is allowed between rounds. The order of buying between rounds is decided by the the score of the players. Last place gets first trade. Second to last gets second trade, so on. To buy a skater not already on a team the player buying must sacrifice equal points to the amount the skater made during their best match of the tournament. (If the skater scored a 6 as their highest of the tournament, you only pay 6 points to buy. If the skaters best match is 10 points you pay ten points to buy.)

  11. The Fantasy Tournament is won by having collected the most points by the final match of Battle At The Berrics.

  12. The 2nd victory goes to whichever player has the winning skater of the tournament.

  13. (Pending Rule) An additional 10 points is awarded to the tournament winning skater added to their match score.

  14. Last place is awarded the magnificent poop trophy.

  15. (Pending Rule) A team can only be 3 skaters big.

  16. (Pending Rules)) Players get one of three moves between matches.
    - Buy (Only if the player has one or more of their skater slots empty. One per turn. Only between Rounds.)
    - Trade (For players not in anyone’s team. Only one per turn. Only between rounds.)
    Selection Order: Organized from Player with least points to Player with most points.

  17. (Pending Rules) A side bet is held with a 2 point buy in (this is optional for every match.) The Players bet on the skater they believe will win the match. If they choice is right they are awarded two points to their total score. If they are incorrect they lose they are subtracted two points. Any players that don’t bet neither gain nor lose any points. And players cannot bet on a match one of their team skaters is in. (Betting is only active after the end of Round 1.)

  18. (Pending Rules) A side tournament is held. Draft night the players hand in their prediction brackets with the winner of every match and the points they think will be made every match.
    Two side events come from this.
    A. Finals night participants for everyone’s bracket at added to their player profile. Whoever is most accurate about finalists at the end of the Berrics Tournament wins.
    B. Points get calculated for a top five skaters at the tournament finale. Closest wins.