Submit your writing to have it featured alongside the writing of the Grey Thoughts crew. Anything goes so long as it is original work, nothing is off limits. Fiction, Non-Fiction, Sci-Fi, Biography, Fantasy, Poetry, Musical Lyrics, Erotics, Rants, Essays, History, Gossip! Again, anything goes. Just be reasonable and mindful that anyone can view featured writing.

Submission Guidelines

Want your writing displayed on the Grey Thoughts Writers Club?

Here are the rules:

1. Edit submissions. If they are riddled with errors, mostly spelling (We let a lot slide!), they'll be ignored.

2. Anything goes, but don't push your luck. Be rational about what you believe is acceptable. Kids have access to this site too!

3. Anything goes means that nothing is off limits. Submissions could be:

Fiction, non-fiction, sci-fi, biography, fantasy, poetry, musical lyrics, erotica, rants, essays, history, gossip, original articles, short stories, flash fiction, children's stories, fan fiction, journal entries, blurbs, thoughts, ideas, concepts, dreams, trips, friendships, pets, food, family...
It means anything goes.

4. One piece per submission. Do not stack multiple written pieces into one submission. Submit one for one. The staff should not have to decipher where one piece begins and the other one starts. Simply submit again with the next piece to avoid this problem. Otherwise they'll all go ignored.

Note: Not all submissions will be selected for display, although most should.
This does not pay, it is not a job. This is no more than a way to share writing on a public stage and get your name out there if anyone is interested in seeing more of your work.
The submissions chosen for display are selected by the crew at GreyThoughts.Info.

By Submitting any written work you give GreyThoughts.Info the rights to display the submission in its entirety. This does not give GreyThoughts.Info ownership of the work, merely the rights to display it and nothing more.

Any unoriginal or licensed work submitted without the consent of the rights holder is liable to international copyright laws. Don't get sued, it's not fun.

Theme submissions are never an obligation. The prompts used for the themes are only present to assist those who want to share writing, but don't know what about, and those who want to have fun comparing results. The Due date is no more than the day we'd be changing the theme prompt's name. In other words, work unrelated to the prompt is welcome whenever. Late prompts are always welcome.

Every Saturday accepted submissions are posted. Stay tuned.

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