I write to seek,

Seek and learn,

Learn of words,

And of wisdom,

Stories told by Gods

And by mortals

I write to free,

Free the beast,

Beast within,

From it's depths,

Deep in my soul

I write to free the beast,

And watch it seek,

Seek and learn,

Watch it run through the cracks,

Cracks in my mind,

Watch it swim,

Swim in the pools of my heart,

Watch it play,

Play in the valley of words,

I write to free my unforgotten pain,

To free the words,

Words that cut deep inside my mind,

Unspoken for a writer does not speak

In common language,

We speak in ink and paper

And art,

We run through life one pen at a time,

I write to make a point,

Point that life is only ink soaking in to paper,

I write to learn,

Learn to how to decorate the words that turn from past to present to future,

With flowers and hearts and blood and pain,

To show the world a writer's mind is a mess

Of course,

I write to write,

That's it, to watch words form,

I write.

By Marina Vos