Trying hard to fight,
Fight my demons no one see's,
like darkness they follow me,
Shadows on my walls only my mind can see,
another night passed by the tick tick tick of my wall clock,
Here I'll stay, Here I lay watching my shadow dance once again,
Another night passed by the loneliness of a phone screens light,
As the sun rises I see my shadow start to move back into my mind as the world comes back to life,
A show I'll never miss, When the darkness moves within the light,
The most beautiful sight,
I say goodbye to my shadows as they start to fade,
I won't shed a tear because its only for a day Now I lay here and wait for sleep slowly comes when its why I wait. Good bye my shadows I'll see you tonight.

By Marina Vos

Website: https://www.facebook.com/Midnight-Poetry-2169938673280394/

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