Scarlett Rivers

A smile can hide more than just anger


This emotional wall between my head and my heart is growing ever tall,
I can't breath anymore I've lost more than I bargained for,
I've been trying to out live my past but it's starting to out live me, I'm unable to see why I fight,
It's bloodshed and war all around me, Tears stream down my face,
With a foggy mirror and almost no light,
I watch the knife slip down my face tracing lines of Scarlett pain,
Blood red lines run down my chest,
Echoes of hope lost in vain,
Deeper and deeper the life cuts, But the pain still isn't enough,
The words they hurt more than my blood,
Spilled onto white porcelain floors,
Secret voices they speak of deadly truths, Masked by years of lies,
Deeper into my skin the Scarlett lines have thinned,
My eyes are open but my brain is fading, The light fades by words too, 
The Scarlett rivers run dry.