Puppet Master

Standing on the edge. The edge you put me on. Hanging by the threads. The threads of the puppet master. Painted smile. wooden gaze. No more life left in these bones. Bones made of wood. Carved by pain. Depression. Hope lost to another one of life's great tricks. Still I try. Try to find peace in this world. World of chaos. Chaos of mind. As the storms you make swirl around me I stand and embrace it. With the storm comes my strength and weakness. Weakness to those blue eyes. Eyes of the puppet master. Hanging like a rag doll on a string. Swing me around and around turn my world upside down. Show me how to cope with the pain. Pain of the strings attached to my soul. my heart. My love. I see it now the truth you hide away from me. I'm only your puppet on a string.


 By Marina Vos

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