Plot Twist

I was the one he held by his side when life tried to break us,
The one he tried to save when our souls started to fade,
Fade so far into the unknown
Some times I wonder,
If I should have gone into the dark?
Sometimes I think of the things I would have seen and the darkness,
Oh how that silken touch still lingers on my soul,
But how should I speak of the things I dream?
When I am at the side of a man so powerful he gave his heart to hold the bond that ties our souls together,
But that taste of pure fire was all I needed to cut through years of untamed love,
A man so powerful yet so innocent,
A mind so pure only true evil could break him,
But soon heartbreak came for us because once again the devil came knocking and with him came the darkness I so longed for,
He spoke sweet whispers of pleasure insane,
Sweet lies of no more pain,
And sung songs so sweet and soft,
He took my lover and turned my soul to face the world unseen by mortal eyes 
Oh the sweet touch of darkness and the taste of pure fire,
That endless burning of loves desires.

By Marina Vos

Website: https://www.facebook.com/Midnight-Poetry-2169938673280394/

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