If They Ask

If they ask you about me,
tell them I'm the girl that held you on the cold nights,
Warmed you on the inside,
Stood by you on the long days,
Turned the grey to blue on the rainy days, 
I'm the girl who loved you with her soul,
Her body and her mind, 
But I'm the girl you never loved back,
I was the toy,
Resold to the next highest bidder,
I'm the girl who loved you're broken shards even though they cut her and made her bleed,
I'm the girl who broke by holding you're heart together,
I'm the girl who lost her self in a world of painful romance and untrusted love,
If they ask you about me tell them I'm the one who walked away before death did us part,
I'm the one who became art before I became dark, 
If they ask you about me tell them I'm just another broken girl, 
Tell them I tried to fix you,
Put the pieces back together even though they hurt my hands,
they cut my heart,
And what do I have left after my stories have been told? Blood on the paper and that blood is ink.