Hands of Fate

Laying here as the light starts to fade,
My final words about to slip and I say,
Hold me now hands of Fate, guide me into the unknown,
Show me your grace,
Tell the ones I love that I'm always near,
Show them the peace of the unknown,
Laying here as the light begins to fade,
Holding on till my last breath won't someone see I'll be happy now,
I'll be at peace,
In the end, isn't it that, that makes sense?
Hold me now hands of Fate as my soul starts to
Depart from this earthly hell we call life,
Oh hold me now hands of Fate as i
Whisper to the ones near,
my last words,
The unknown calls but the tears of family
Burn into me should I let go or should I stay?
In the end, I'll go I'll pass for my time has come,
As I lay here and the light begins to fade and
My last words slip away,
Don't worry I'll be ok.

By Marina Vos