Halo and Horns

You saw her Halo and those pretty eyes never saw the real monster hidden behind those blonde curls, you saw a perfect women a perfect mother but never the one who let her children wonder, wonder if they'll survive another day alone from the one who used to hurt them so, a broken angel fallen so far found her true colors in the darkest days found her horns when she was needed most,

A father broken by years of work turns slowly into a baby girl’s worst nightmare as she tries, tries to protect her baby brother from the ones who she thought loved her,

A baby boy knows nothing of the world has to stand on his own two feet, has to fight a monster every day, the perfect family no one sees the years those children had to fight a mother who used them a father who abused them, now their here all grown up now the monsters are gone but tears still flood their broken hearts a thousand words they never said a million things they never did too many stories too lies now they hate who they've become even though they never did anything wrong, a broken family still hides behind those pretty pieces behind those pretty pictures,

No one ever knew and no one will ever understand the pain those children have Because the monster’s gone.

By Marina Vos