Drugged Dreams

It's weird,

This whole week feels like a dream,

Like I'm stuck in some waking dream,

So many emotions and so many chances,

A fantasy of futures,

Many footsteps I've walked,

Along path walked at night,

Watching monsters run in the dark,

Seeing true colors shine through cracks in their masks,

Hollow crown sits tilted on their head,

Maybe now they'll see,

A dark path is a teaching path,

This week feels like a drug,

I'm high on hopes,

Unsure if I'll make it in this world,

Drowning in my head trying to escape the pain,

Fantasy trees ripe with fruit all right there but so far away,

This mind of mine,

A cage for a bird,

A bird it sits and waits patiently

Never asking never forgetting

All those times it's been forgotten,

This mind of mine a mystery,

Something so unseen,

It's weird,

Almost like all these dreams are true,

A drug you told me to take it or else,

Now it's all a blur,

This mind of mine,

Voices and choices always there,

This week almost feels like a dream but every dream has an end.

By Marina Vos