Dead Inside

Dead inside,

Unseen by the Eyes of the others,

Our mind devoirs our souls,

Slowly sinking,



No more light it fades away,

No more love it falls away,

No more time it ticks away,

No more blood it drains away,

Dead inside but with a smile,

Slowly bleeding words of beauty,

Slowly bleeding poetry,

From a hidden shadow deep within,

Pain courses through my veins,

Killing me slowly,

Killing me inside,

Slowly slinking from the path,

Normality nothing but a robot,

Normality nothing but a plan,

Normality a white sheet with the same marks begging aching and asking to be different,

Dead inside our darkness calls the light.

Dead inside those of us who killed the flame,

Dead inside nothing more,

Dead inside we the different few,

The freaks and weird ones,

Our jokes and fears unnoticed,

Normality our fear,

Fear of the white sheet,

Dead inside together,

Dead inside nothing more.

By Marina Vos