It's a battle never ending,
A war forever lasting,
The voices and screams ring through her head,
Words spoken to unseen faces she's still fighting her unseen past,
Hidden tears barely scratch the surface,
Her mask slowly falls as her shadow dawns,
She was fighting everything inside her to save the ones around her,
She holds on to her chains,
To hold on to those who broke her,
She holds on to the unseen faces,
She holds on to her unseen past,
But as she slowly let's go of her chains and
As her shadow dawns,
Nothing is safe,
Another person takes her place and now she is lost,
Lost inside her head,
Personality swop and now she's gone,
Breaking down her loved ones,
Breaking down the ones who need her,
Breaking through her future she forgets how to live,
Bottle in hand and hate on her tongue she raises hell before crashing down,
As her shadow dawns she's back,

To a world of broken people who don't know
Her mind isn't the same as it always was,
She's changed even though her heart never did,
She's just herself but broken down,
A little scared but she's still herself deep inside,
Trying to take back hold of her chains,
To hold on to the unseen faces,
To hold on to her unseen past,
To fight the change in her mind,
And win the battle deep inside her head

By Marina Vos

Facebook URL: https://www.facebook.com/marina.vos.564