Darkness surrounds us,

My dreams they come true,

But I do not dream of light and good,

This darkness runs deep laying paths through my soul,

Voices of unknown people,

They all sound like hollow echoes,

Echoes from our haunted past and its mistakes,

I watch the darkness lay its paths out into my world and now,

Now I am afraid because this darkness belongs to those unseen,

Oh that sweet sound,

It's deep voice,

That calming embrace,

Slowing sinking into my blood,

Heating me up slowly bringing me to life,

I watched that darkness wash from my soul,

And sink down the drain,

A black liquid thick with pain,

It warms my heart,

My heart it almost beats,

Because this darkness it holds me,

This darkness proves even strong

People are dead inside,

Like a knife,

Poison on your lips it slips,

Through your open mouth and sinks in to your blood,

It holds you slowly,


Slowly killing you,

Taking parts from your mind,

Till your numb,

Till your dead inside,

Till your hollow,

Even your own voice is an echo,

A form of chaos,

From that dream,

My dreams of darkness,

They all come true,

I've watched it happen,

Over and over and over again,

Moon light nights still hide,

Hide shadows that'll haunt you,

And yet you still crave that thrill,

Till they find you,

Honey they'll always find you,

That darkness will always find you,

For these dreams,

Still haunt me,

This darkness still holds me,

Taking every part of me,

And now?

I'm dead inside because I didn't run nor hide, I gave in to the darkness.

By Marina Vos