Broken Dreams

In a world of broken dreams

Only the true beauty of a mortal soul stays hidden,

Like the owls under the night sky,

Hidden by the clouds and stars

Beasts of so many colours

Feathers and fur,

Some black some blue,

Hearts held by red and white,

The strings of love entiwned,

Spring you say?

Today we speak of colours as bright as day,

Flowers and birds and bugs alike,

All of colours,

Feathers and fur,

Summer and the beauty of nature springs forth

Green and orange are now at peak,

for summer you say? Such a beautiful time,

Oh how long we've had to wait for this our Frist winters night,

Cold air and candle light around the table,

Creatures asleep all around

Big and small lay Almost spall bund against the white of the moon light,

Beasts of so many colours

Feathers and fur,

For even in a broken dream

Life can seem perfect

But the true spall you seek is the magic you read.

By Marina Vos

Website: https://www.facebook.com/Midnight-Poetry-2169938673280394/

Facebook URL: https://www.facebook.com/marina.vos.564