A Movie

Its like watching a movie,

The past it plays over and over in our heads,
Shadows start to scare us and the wind starts to destroy us,
They don't understand what its like to stand in the eye of the storm with words dancing in your head but not a single word will escape your mouth,
A movie on rewind never ending and never beginning just the same old play dancing in the shadows,
So many words but so much pain,
Maybe some day it'll fade away,
This PTSD your words still ring,
This movie I'm watching holding deep within,
Oh sweet child let it go,
Watch it burn and watch it flow,
Out of hand,
Out of touch,
Your words still cut,
Like a movie on replay,
The tears and fears all still sting,
Maybe some day soon it'll end,
This PTSD from your hands,
The marks remain long after the bruise,
Long after the cut,
From your mouth I watched it flow,
A black liquid poison sinking in,
Your words promised love but your eyes told me the lies,
Liquid poison of love,
You showed me everything,
Words can cut even if your mind says enough,
I watched your liquid poison seep
From your mouth, it flowed turning into words
They sank deep under my skin,
A burn so strong I forgot the one I loved,
Like a movie on replay I watched your lies
Leave the marks,
Leave the scars that tell my story,
Etched into my skin,
I watched the blood flow and forgot it all,
As I stared into the darkness that awaits me,
My only escape,
The knives you once hide now lay bare,
With a wish and a wound I know,
A simple cut can free me,
This movie playing in the background,
Never really letting me go,
Just another child with my story written by fate,
Scars left from you,
Its true I held on and now?
I'm sitting here with a mind full of words but none will be spoken.

By Marina Vos