Grey Thoughts is a collection of creative projects from the minds of multiple creators, some regulars, some drop ins.


The Grey Thinkers

M. Schwartz

DarkArtsPublications Founder & CEO

C. WilCraft

DarkArtsPublications Manager
GreyThoughts Co-Manager

WilCraft is manager at the GreyThoughts offices and project manager from Dark Arts Publications. Everything goes through her. All decisions start and end with her.

Nothing happens at Grey Thoughts offices or on GreyThoughts.Info without her knowledge. All projects and activities are overseen by her.

Jack Thomas

The Jaded “Blog”, The Just Conversation Podcast, Singular Thought's (Band), Biased Reviews, Fallen Series, Writing Tips

Thomas is the head creator at the Grey Thoughts office. With his hands in both ‘The Jaded Blog’ and ‘The Just Conversation Podcast’ he’s displayed versatility in his creative output. One half of The Just Conversation Podcast and one half of the EDM duo Singular Thought. Creator of numerous art pieces in Visual Arts. Creator Writing Tips and Biased Reviews.

Cristina Collazo

The Writers Club, The Just Conversation Podcast, Writing Tips

Collazo focuses her attention on Paintings and Photography, although, she’s had her share of writing involvement while managing The Writers Club. She is also one half of The Just Conversation Podcast.

Known in the office as the ‘Go-To’ when the crew has questions that need answering.

Amber Black

Media Management & Marketing

Amber manages the social media accounts for the Grey Thoughts gallery. The Writers Club Instagram, Facebook Group and Twitter, The Just Conversation Podcast Instagram, Facebook Page and Twitter.

A poet known for showing up in The Writers Club from time to time revealing intimate truths of her life through colorful metaphors.

Seth McAllister

Web Design, Content Management and Coding
Singular Thought (Band)

The tech-handler at the Grey Thoughts offices. Half of the Singular Thought EDM Duo alongside Jack Thomas. McAllister is know for being a bit of chaos but extremely efficient. One of the original four members at Grey Thoughts. He words code and webdesign and is responsible for the sleek clean design of the site and realizing visitor feedback.

Lind Taylor

Technical & Audio Engineer, Producer
The Just Conversation Podcast, Singular Thought

Taylor is the audio engineer for The Just Conversation Podcast and Singular Thought. Responsible for the constant improvement of the podcast’s audio performance. Designs the audio clips for the podcasts social accounts and manages the shows uploads and locations (Apple Podcasts, Podbean, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, etc.)

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