Another Computer Night

As the night goes on Annie sits in front of her

computer writing to her friends from all over the world.

Some of them are being very sad at the time and others where happy.

Right now, Annie was talking to a girl who didn’t see the point of living anymore

and it was breaking her heart to hear why that was.

The girl’s name is Gina, and she was crying while she was writing her story to


A few days ago, she had met this guy Steve and he was so very nice to her he took

her to dinner and movies

She said that she was never so happy before, but then when I took home,

he began to kiss me and when I told him to stop,

he didn’t want to listen, he said, come on, I know you like it.

No she told him, I don’t want to do anything, I just want it all to go slow between

us but he didn’t listen and went on pinning her down on the sofa and began to

rape her.

I told him No Annie, I told him NO

He hurt me so much she cried out.

I don’t know what to do anymore now I feel so ashamed and just want to die now.

It shook Annie up and she knew she needed to help Gina but how could she do


She thought for a minute and decided to keep Gina talking while she would try to

find out where Gina was from.

Annie’s fingers were running on her keyboard to trace Gina’s addy but she had

no luck and was getting a bit nervous now, she had to try to talk Gina out of

hurting herself but could she do that from behind the computer?

Gina was crying and telling Annie what he had done, all the pinching and beating

and when he was done, he said I will call you sometime and left.

Annie said,please Gina go call the police and let them catch him

before he comes back again,but Gina said she was too ashamed, what if her

parents found out, she had just moved into her own place to prove

to her parents that she could be on her own and that she was all grown up.

It will break their hearts Annie she said.

Don’t worry about them now Annie said just call someone because the way he

sounded it was like he is planning to contact you again.

Please go to the hospital alone if you don’t have anyone to go with you-you need

to be checked out and need to take tests for deceases, you never know where this

Steve is been.

Listen, Gina, please do this for me if not for yourself, please ok.

I like to know where you live Annie asked her and Gina told her after some time

that she lived in the state of Texas.

Wow, I live there too said Annie, do u want me to come to find you,

and talk some more?

Annie didn’t get an answer right away and she was anxious for Gina to say

something but that didn’t happen right away.

After about a half hour Gina came back on the computer and told Annie where

she lived and Annie told her to hold on and that she was leaving her house right

now to come to her.

Gina was relieved she had told Annie she had known her for so long already and

knew Annie had been a good friend to her over the years.

It seemed that they lived close to each other in the same town.

They never had spoken of the place where they lived because that was never

important, they just had become friends on the internet and that had seemed

enough except, for now, now she needed someone to help her so badly she felt

the ground slip from under her feet.

Gina stood up to go take another shower which she been doing the whole day

and the day before to wash away the feeling of being dirty constantly

It didn’t seem to help much, the feeling of being dirty stayed and her mind was

getting more and more confused.

Oh, how she wished that she was dead right now she didn’t have the strength to

go on, the pain was too much

After she dried herself off she climbed into bed and hoped that Annie would be

there soon.

It took Annie several hours to reach Gina’s place and when she knocked on the

door she didn’t hear anything, had she been too late already?

She knocked again harder this time, Gina it is me, Annie, please open the door,

after a little while she heard some steps behind the door and then it opened.

Annie was shocked at Gina’s appearance the girl’s face was white as a sheet and

she was bruised from the beating she had gotten.

Annie took Gina in her arms and Gina began to cry again she was glad now that

she had told Annie where she lived.

They went into the living room where they sat down, it was like they knew each

other forever.

Annie let Gina talk and didn’t interrupt her until she was finished, then

Annie said, come let’s go to the hospital together and get you checked out okay

and stroke Gina’s hair out of her face.

Gina went to her bedroom to put on some jeans and a shirt and when she walked

into the living room she picked up her purse and they left the house.

Upon coming at the hospital, Gina began to shiver so bad that Annie took a

blanket from the backseat of the car and put it over Gina’s shoulders.

They went inside and told the nurse what had happened to Gina, the nurse

brought her to a cubicle and told her to undress and to put on a gown which she


Please, Annie, stay with me will you, it scares me a bit said Gina, yes, of course,

said Annie I stay with you for as long as you need me okay

A faint smile came on Gina’s face and she was thankful for her friend to be here

with her.

A nurse came walking in and the doctor followed her to examine Gina.

The nurse was taking pictures from the black and blue markings she had, and the

doctor asked her why she had not come in right away so they could have made a

rape kit because as things stood now the only thing the doctor could see where

some bruises on her private parts.

Gina told him that she had been so afraid to leave the house, that she only now

had told her friend what had happened to her.

The police had come in when the doctor was finished examining her

and asked Gina if she knew who had done this to her and Gina told the officer

that it had been her friend or what she had thought was her friend.

The officer took her statement and after some encouraging words, she left.

The nurse told Gina that she could get dressed again and that she would give her

some medication for the bruises and the pain but after that, she could leave.

Annie took Gina’s hand and said, now everything will work out, let’s go home and

make some coffee and talk a bit more.

Coming home at Gina’s place Annie saw that Gina was far from okay,

she was still very worried about the girl and decided to take her to her place until

she was doing a bit better.

Gina, Annie said would you like to come to stay with me for a while?

Gina looked at Annie and said, no that is ok I will be fine don’t worry, really I am


Annie didn’t believe her and tried pushing Gina a bit more until the girl gave in.

Come Annie said let’s get you some clothes and toiletries and then we leave,

we can make coffee at my place and talk until you fall asleep and not be afraid


Gina walked over to Annie and while she gave Annie a hug she cried softly, thank

you so much for being there for me Annie.

Annie gave Gina a smile and said, come on let’s go and lock the door good behind


Annie and Gina drove the way back to Annie’s house which took several hours

but that was okay because Annie talked calmly with Gina until she saw the girl’s

eyes closed, she thought, let her sleep a bit until we are home and then she could

go to bed right away if she wanted.

It was twelve before Annie reached her house and woke Gina up.

Annie could see that Gina had finally gotten a bit of sleep, she imagined that Gina

had not slept since the rape had occurred.

Gina stepped out of the car and followed Annie inside the house.

The house was bigger then Gina’s place but Gina felt safe right from the first step

she placed inside the house.

Annie went right away to the big kitchen and put some water in the kettle and on

the stove to make coffee, Gina had followed her and sat down on the stool by the


Gina began to relax a bit and Annie could see that the strain from the last few

days was gliding on the girl’s shoulders.

Annie took some cups from the cupboard and placed them in front of her and

poured the coffee into the cups, the smell was filling the house and it was good.

Gina gave a weak smile and took a sip from her coffee and said,Annie, I am so

glad that I found you and that you helped me, I was so desperate and didn’t know

what to do anymore, I just wanted the pain to stop and to do so I wanted to die.

Annie answered back with a smile on her face that she was glad she had been

there to help Gina through these rough patches tonight and that Gina could stay

as long as she wanted to get the rest she Gina so desperately needed

They talked until deep into the night and Gina’s eyes began to droop a bit.

Annie took Gina’s hand and let her upstairs to the guest bedroom.

You can stay here and sleep as long as you want, the bathroom is right here in

your room and if you need me I am down the hall in the other bedroom.

Please don’t hesitate to wake me if you are scared or want to talk okay she told


and then she left the girl alone to go to bed.

Annie went to her computer room and sat behind the computer to answer some

unanswered messages, she wanted to make sure first that Gina was sound asleep

before she herself was going to bed.

After 3 hours Annie went to take a look at Gina and when she opened the door

softly she saw that Gina was sleeping peacefully and closed the door again.

Annie now went to her own room and get some rest herself, it had been a very

long night for her and Gina.

The next day Annie woke up at seven and felt refreshed again, she went to Gina’s

room and saw that the girl was still sleeping, she decided to go make a nice

breakfast for the both of them before she would wake Gina.

Annie had called the police last night to let them know that Gina was going to be

with her at her house just in case they needed Gina for more questions.

They had told Annie that it would be fine and that if they needed Gina they would

come to Annie’s house then.

Around ten Gina woke up and felt a lot better today then she had in the last few

days at her own place, she swung her legs out of bed and put her housecoat on to

go see if Annie was awake.

Gina found Annie in the kitchen putting everything on a tray for Gina when she

saw the girl coming down the stairs and Annie put the tray back down.

Good morning sleepyhead, she said to Gina and smiled.

Gina went to sit down on the same stool she sat on the night before and looked at

the breakfast Annie had prepared, you want me to eat all that? Gina asked

Annie with a smile on her face, Annie was surprised at how beautiful Gina looked

when she had rested enough, her eyes were bright and not dull like the night

before and the dark circles under Gina’s eyes seemed to disappeared overnight.

You look so much better already Gina, said Annie, and put a plate of food in front

of her.

Here Annie said you have to eat it all before your allowed to do anything else and smiled.

Okay, Okay Gina said with a smile on her face, I will eat this, to be honest,

I feel like I am starving right now and took a bite out of her bagel.

While they were eating their breakfast the phone rung and Annie answered,

it was the police they asked to talk to Gina and Annie told them to hold on.

Gina, it is for you, Annie said, it is the police they want to talk to you.

Gina’s face grew white and her hands began to tremble when she reached for the phone.

Annie put a hand on Gina’s shoulder to comfort her while Gina spoke to the


After some time Gina hung up the horn and turned around to Annie, they caught

Steve and have him in custody right now.

Annie threw her arms around Gina and said, that is wonderful, now it can all

be over soon for you and with some expert counseling you will be able to

live on, but she said, you need the counseling okay and I will go with you

every step of the way, you will never be alone anymore and I will never

ever let anyone hurt you again for as long as I live said Annie.

They hugged and then went to drink some tea and finishing their breakfast

before they went upstairs again to get dressed.

Gina took a deep breath and said, Annie do you think I need to go and testify in

court against him, Annie said, probably yes but don’t be afraid no more your not

alone okay.

Annie looked at Gina and was wondering if she should ask the girl about last

night, she decided to go for it because she had to know if Gina was going to be


Gina, Annie said, are you still wishing to be dead right now?

Annie waited in silence for the answer and when Gina spoke Annie knew that she

didn’t have to be afraid anymore for Gina, Gina would survive the ordeal of what

had happened to her and with Annie’s help and professional rape counseling,

Gina would become stronger and better.

Annie felt relieved that she had been there to help Gina and decided

that she would always be there for the girl whenever she needed a friend

if not close by, then on the computer again.

By Elise Gregory


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