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…sincerely hoped he was the last to arrive for the big occasion. He entered through the unguarded stadium door and quickly mixed into the bustling throng of people on the arena floor. He scanned the crowd and estimated it numbered close to a thousand or more. All wore shirts and hats for and against various peoples and parties. Literally everyone held signs and banners that screamed the name of their fearless leader, President Lügner (Lug) Widerlich.

Quint worked his way to a point near the front of the stage where a group of burly men stood to keep the exuberant…

By Alex Starke

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A Day to Remember

…busy day but I had managed to get Mom and Dad to let me go outside and play for a couple hours before the wedding. As long as I promised to come straight home and get ready. I was to be on my best behaviour and under no circumstances was I to pick on Ginny today. It was a big day for her. I didn't really care about Ginny's big day. So what she was getting married. People got married everyday! But I agreed to their demands and spent my free time playing baseball with the guys at the empty…

By Leah Pryor

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The Last Weekend with Our Storyteller

…I was little, my brother and I loved to visit an old man on the mountain, kilometers away from our village. He lived on his own. In a hut, which admittedly, I was obsessed with: old man had built it with twigs between bamboos and embroidered it with eternal soul— so immortal it never gone for a Burton. A skill that was rather incongruous to how the Rwandan villagers built their huts; so impeccable that from a distance, it seemed to be plastered together in harmony with his personality. Old man had a gentle demeanour, and he must have borrowed…

By Tshepo S. Molebatsi

Facebook URL: https://web.facebook.com/molebatsisilas

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Worlds of Sol

…the end of the twenty-first century, humanity had reached a plateau for scientific exploration of the solar system. The various bodies in the system had been catalogued and their characteristics and histories established. Further exploration by humans had become prohibitively expensive. Scientists were content with a small set of carefully structured projects investigating more and more arcane aspects of the solar system.

Environmental problems on Earth created by power generation and resource extraction had led to strict regulation of both activities by the end of the century. Many predicted this would lead to severe reductions in global lifestyle. In reality…

By Steven Fritz

Website: http://Inigopress.com

Twitter: Inigo3261

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The Hills

…year was a new town, a new school and new friends for all three of us. Mom had even before the move began, prompted us on how to treat all the new people we’d be meeting and how to become friends with them. I was the oldest at 10 and my sister Laurie she was 8 and our smaller brother Vince, 7.
We’d barely settled into our new house as mom rushed to the store to buy school clothes, all of us in tow. As this new day of school began with each of us giddy about how our new…

By William F. Polden Sr.

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Musings of a Mad Girl

…know why I’m here…” I grumbled to no one in particular, especially the dude sitting across from me with his freshly sharpened number 2 pencil and his brand-new pad of paper. It’s almost like he needs a new pad, just for me. I believe it.

“Well,” The Dr. Phil look-alike began, “I thought you wanted to talk. Isn’t that why we’re here? You always seem like you have a lot to say but you never get around to saying it..”

He cocked his head and looked at me, his shaggy brown hair falling into his eyes. It was thinning on…

By L.E. Walker

Facebook URL: https://www.facebook.com/madgirlsmusings/

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Another Computer Night

…the night goes on Annie sits in front of her

computer writing to her friends from all over the world.

Some of them are being very sad at the time and others where happy.

Right now, Annie was talking to a girl who didn’t see the point of living anymore

and it was breaking her heart to hear why that was.

The girl’s name is Gina, and she was crying while she was writing her story to


A few days ago, she had met this guy Steve and he was so very nice to her he took

her to…

By Elise Gregory

Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2067630380168498/

Facebook URL: Free Poetry, Write at your hearts content

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The Truth About June

…surgery for what they suspected was a large hematoma but instead turned out to be a massive seroma infection right on top of my femoral bypass graph. I was left with a softball sized gaping hole in my groin. They couldn’t close it up because they had to remove all of my destroyed flesh. Twenty-four hours later I endured an attached muscle flap surgery that the surgeon said was even more painful than open heart surgery. They cut me from my knees to my hip bone, removed my outer thigh muscle—bent it sideways and filled in the hole. My…

By Bonnie Wheeler

Twitter: BonnieWheeler1

Facebook URL: https://www.facebook.com/bonnie.wheeler.58

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The Love Basket

…at the top of his voice! His Mommy open the door he just slammed and asked him, What’s wrong Harper? “Are you still mad about the cookie?” she asked. “YES and Daddy won’t play with me! I’m so bored!!!” He replied.

“Is that all?” Mommy asked with concern in her eyes. You see they were moving again and they had done a lot of moving. They called it “adventures” but Harper was attached this time. He was only three when they arrived in Washington but now he was turning 5 and he was feeling a lot more. More fear…

By Trina Casey

Website: http://galaxyswhale.com

Twitter: TrinaCasey13

Facebook URL: https://www.facebook.com/GalaxysWhale/

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…that now serve a purpose but once were shoved into the far recesses of my mind. Kept rather than discarded so that at one point, retrieval would be tricky, yet still possible. I now understand that many of my memories are just that. My memories. Other people that were present remember the happenings of a given day, yet they remember the experience first hand. They remember it from their point of view. They will remember what they saw, what they heard, what and how they felt and sometimes even what they tasted and smelled. Our memory holds onto everything, sometimes…

By Kelli J Gavin

Twitter: KelliJGavin

Facebook URL: Kelli J Gavin

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On Segregation and Saushilyam

…who till the land must not elevate their eyes to the skies. Shambhuka is an untouchable. Rama is casteist.


School had a great hall of sorts, where people gathered for various things. It was a long, wide, rectangular building made entirely out of hollow-blocks, crowned with a wooden frame on top like an inverted keel of the ship covered with red-oxide roof tiles. The windows were a leafy green and the walls, a slowly-fading-into-dusty-yellow white. Red for passion, white for peace and green for prosperity. The colours of human values. 

We gathered in there for every morning for prayer…

By Sindhuja Veeraraghavan

Facebook URL: https://www.facebook.com/sindhuja.veeraraghavan.9

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…filled with virtual money to buy the precious Mallenite ore from the independents. Most of the autonomous Owner-Captains were perfectly above board in all their dealings but he was looking for a reprobate, a dubious Captain who didn’t mind taking on crew even with the most shadowy past. Axel Fendar spotted Captain Luigi Balucci by a drinks dispenser.

The Captain kicked it twice and checked the tray. There was no drink. He proceeded to swear at the machine in an impressive display of both vocabulary and profanity.

Axel introduced himself. “Hello Captain Balucci. My name is Axel Fendar I heard…

 By Simon Garfield Bown

Website: http://www.simongarfieldbown.com


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What Goes Around

…stood in his usual spot at the entrance to the nursing home dragging on his cigarette, trying to prevent that here-we-go-again feeling from turning in to that time-to-get-the-hell-out-of-here thought. He exhaled, the day's winter breeze whipping billowing smoke from his lips before it had chance to plunge his features into obscurity. He dropped the butt, crushing it, heel to toe. He flung open the door and entered the reception. The smell of old-age struck him. He guessed it was a mixture of pungent incontinence mingled with the faint scent of perfume and cheap air fresheners. He glanced at the tall…


By C.G. Durrant

 Website: http://www.cgdurrant.com

Twitter: DurrantColin

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