Alien: Isolation

Alien: Isolation

Basic Things To Know

  1. The game is not for the faint of heart. It's scary as hell!
  2. The game does not start off with the optimal fear options, some tweaking is required.
  3. Graphics, controls, story progression and navigation are all seamless.
  4. You'll never kill the Xenomorph so sharped those stealth skills.
  5. The DLC makes up for the one major flaw.
  6. Sometimes the games horror factor quite literally scares you into a fear paralysis in which you hide and remain hidden for large periods of time, listening for the Xenomorph.
  7. The game is unbelievably difficult on the harder settings and for people wanting to relive the fear the film portrayed they'll need to experience the game at those harder settings.
  8. The game echoes the events of the film, although they differ in many areas.
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Velocity 2X

Velocity 2X

The Basic Things To Know

The art style is gorgeous and unique.

The game starts easy, but the difficulty quickly picks up.

The story stays out of the way of the gameplay.

There are a shitton of levels to be played.

Kai comes off as a bit of a Samus ripoff, but with more personality.

The game has two different major gamepley styles (Side-Scrolling and top-down arcade style space navigation.)

The DLC is as good as the game.

All later acquired abilities and powers are useful and fun to use.

This game plays FAST!

It has astonishing replayability.

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The Basic Things to Know


Extremely Difficult to control the dragon

Gorgeous look and feel

Simple gameplay

Serene Game

Difficult challenge mode

The story is about a bird and fish reliving the same events just slightly differently every time. I think…

In story mode you can miss as much of anything as you want and you’ll never lose but you’ll also never finish

In challenge mode once you miss enough you lose and have to start over.

Left stick controls the fish and the right stick controls the bird. Pretty simple.

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No Man's Sky

No Man's Sky

The Basic Things to Know

Your character isn’t the fastest thing in the universe. Even with upgrades, you’ll move pretty slowly.

The graphics are crisp and the worlds generated are gorgeous.

It will get repetitive regardless of how you play, but everything is, also, always new. You’ll get both the feeling of familiarity and foreignness from every place you visit.

It’s a lonely game. You’ll experience its entirety most likely alone.

The scale of the planets and the galaxy is amazing.

The galactic map is a genius addition to the game. Exploring that map is a joy on its own.

The two menus work smoothly. They’re easy to understand and easier to use.

There’s a colossal variety of Multi-Tools and Starships.

The only loading takes place while traveling between two stars. If you never leave your star system you’ll never witness a loading screen.

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