The Creator


Being stuck in plastic tells no story. The page is eager to be great, but it remains useless.
In isolation forever. The fact is, leaving erases clarity and narrative.
Wandering minds require discipline. To create universes, whether detailed or not.
Because Gods live forever, and forever includes later.
The job is not to decide what is good or bad. It’s to make the blueprint for the world.
To clear the mind of wanting flawlessness.
Because garbage is better than nothing. If there is enough piled up, coming back later to look through it is more alluring. There will be gems if there is enough to search through.
The creator knows what the purpose of their world is because they’ve made it clear. Later working on disguising each word and adding a poetic twist. Metaphors. The time to fix will arrive. And then the universe shall be enjoyable. And then the universe will be entertaining for its inhabitants and observers.
But none of this is possible if the world, the universe never gets made. There must first be something to fix.
To create without restraint is true discipline. To drag whatever out of imagination land. To dive deep and pull out emotional and personal truths is a skill which requires immense focus.
All white empty canvases require artists to give them purpose. To be brought to life. Something is better than nothing, and a little bit of momentum might snowball.
And clever words might imagine a universe.
And colorful paintings might design pristine landscapes.
All of this is possible by being free of perfection. By being a creator which allows sin in order to focus on making rather than correcting.
When the universe has enough in it to guide the creator, the job is done. Now this universe can function on its own and its maker can focus on perfection. Fluent for the nature of the universe. The creator leaves what makes most sense and sends whatever does not into a void of nothingness. To never be thought of again.
The final product is the true creation, but first it must be made.