Leaders Won't Solve

The smiles we paint over our frowns come with no resolve or solution.

No resolution can evolve.

The profusions of happiness dissolves.

Delusions of psychological intrusions call out.

Protrusions of our guilty disillusions remain stout.

Illusive contracting exclusive retracting commenting static tastelessly banter.

Faceless chatter that matters not, present incentive included.

Diluted flavors ask for exclusive favors of secluded labors.

Whores of the day spray chain-linked hatred.

Whores of today say thick dick lies to fit dickless cries of those unwilling to try.

A leader to feed the flies swarming in tears, unable to die.

Fearful, but unable to say goodbye.

A tempting stand stands stable under the table, hiding the truth.

Fueled by bullshit and the misconception of false representation.

A nation of fools, drooling in unison because it’s cool.

Because school doesn’t teach how to paddle in the pool.

The drowning search for oxygen starts again.


By Jack Thomas