Non Plus Ultra

washed up / upon the shore /of cruel hollow world / i wanted no more /adrift /did i find me/in an endless sea /i had cried for me/goddamn bridge shelter /concrete life preserver /luckily for me/never learned to swim /and now/i refused to dogpaddle /spitting out sand /whereupon a beach /doth crippled foot /stand?/resting against crate /of signal flares /one by one / aye / ripples as they sink / and so i....wait /wait a damn minute /shit o shit /what does farsighted eyes/espy?/smoke approacheth nigh /i fear-you-know who/has found i /crawling towards tide /did i forget to neglect / S.O.S of rocks, /
wish to be no burden /shitshitshit /im far too slow /wtf jessica /where pray tell/are you gonna land/the seventh fleet? //

By Vincent Miller