…joy on the faces of children, the love in the eyes of a dog

The flames as they dance in the fireplace, peeking out from the spaces in logs,

The wave as it breaks on the shoreline, the wind as it sings through the tree

The truest of feelings bestowed on our hearts, the best things in life are quite free.

No price of admission for our minds and our eyes, yet still a small tab for our time,

The hours and the minutes fall out of life’s purse, in an orderly manner sublime.

Remember sun’s glint on a mountain’s…

By James Geehring

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The Same Ghosts

…her heart be broken a thousand times by the same ghosts?

Because through the pain she bleeds words cut from stone,

Carved into the broken walls of her veins,

Her blood seeps through her pen,

Magical words hide a past,

More then just a shadow lay behind her,

But no one sees,

The knife that cuts is the words of the dead,

Hidden by there emptiness they act as if though they're sweet nothings,

Pain deep inside but she doesn't speak,

Because who will believe the words of the dead,

So few see the patterns and paintings carved slowly through…

By Marina Vos

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Friend's Departure

…has come now,
For an ending, wow.

Your friendship will be no more,
Your absence will make things bore.

Gossips with friends,
Learning new trends.
Talks with us, you did,
Forever, you are alive in our mind.

It's time to say you goodbye,
Hope you neither weep nor cry.

The time we spent together,
In pleasant and harsh weather.
I remember those days,
Enjoyable past with your's craze.

Hope would fill Our frienship's gap,
In the presence of the wonder whatsapp.
In your presence No one notices how we spent this year,
Wish you prosperous happy journey my…

By Sahaj Sabharwal

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The Quest

…two boulders, monolithic

Lone knight rides on quest, specific.

Heart’s desire, no lust for gold

Just TRUE love as in stories told.

Armor tarnished, dust of leagues

Love’s long journey, horse fatigues.

Resenting rest, yet needing sleep

Enters in to night’s safe keep.

New day has dawned, determination

Hope in breast, great expectation

Path by lake, so lonely long

Beckons with love’s siren song.

His treasure of desires, so near

Sweet flowered scents in air, calm fear.

In patch of sun, a grassy glade

By nearby copse, sits fair young maid.

Arms reach upward, lifting helm

Dismounts his steed, now…

By James Geehring

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Halo and Horns

…and those pretty eyes never saw the real monster hidden behind those blonde curls, you saw a perfect women a perfect mother but never the one who let her children wonder, wonder if they'll survive another day alone from the one who used to hurt them so, a broken angel fallen so far found her true colors in the darkest days found her horns when she was needed most,

A father broken by years of work turns slowly into a baby girl’s worst nightmare as she tries, tries to protect her baby brother from the ones who she thought loved…

By Marina Vos

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Day Dream

…hours spent

Trying to fix the past

And its regrets.

Heartaches and headaches

From sleepless nights and

caffeine fuelled daydreams.

Broken. Shattered.

Pain from split memory's

Laying like shards on the ground.

Casting beautiful colors on the

Dark walls of a nighttime room.

Broken. Shattered.

Diamonds of the past

Ruby's of the future.

Ashes of forgotten pain

And fire of the present.

Broken. Shattered.

This child gave in

To the sleepless nights

And caffeine fuelled…

By Marina Vos

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Dark Side of the Moon

…walked, bright sun upon my back, towards penumbra hills

My path through dim lit shadows which the inky darkness kills.

And now our star is hidden, no more rays of glinting light,

Just glimmers from the cosmos to adorn the constant night.


No one from Earth can see me, on this darkened lunar plain

No questioning of thoughts or deeds to form my life’s refrain.

I’m safe away from world of woes, but know I am alone

I seek to build a ship to sail where cosmic winds have blown.


No earthly eyes to witness my escape, they cannot see…

By James Geehring

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Non Plus Ultra

Non Plus Ultra

…the shore /of cruel hollow world / i wanted no more /adrift /did i find me/in an endless sea /i had cried for me/goddamn bridge shelter /concrete life preserver /luckily for me/never learned to swim /and now/i refused to dogpaddle /spitting out sand /whereupon a beach /doth crippled foot /stand?/resting against crate /of signal flares /one by one / aye / ripples as they sink / and so i....wait /wait a damn minute /shit o shit /what does farsighted eyes/espy?/smoke approacheth nigh /i fear-you-know who/has found i /crawling towards tide /did i forget to neglect…

By Vincent miller

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Breaking Free

…had been caged far too long.

Bound by her sorrows and fears.

Secluded in the dim room with the old, creaky wooden floors.

Stale air that turned magical in the intruding beam of sun, dust motes dancing round her head.

The comforting hiss of the radiator in the corner, releasing heat to warm her bones.

Her sanctity, her security.

And one day she wanted more.

She opened the door cautiously and stepped into the world, bewildered and amazed.

Clean air filled her lungs, sun warmed her face, a kaleidoscope of colors and movement in her eyes.

She broke free, knowing…

By Tracey Koehler

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…write to seek,

Seek and learn,

Learn of words,

And of wisdom,

Stories told by Gods

And by mortals

I write to free,

Free the beast,

Beast within,

From it's depths,

Deep in my soul

I write to free the beast,

And watch it seek,

Seek and learn,

Watch it run through the cracks,

Cracks in my mind…

By Marina Vos

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Promises unkept

…said you’d be better... it got worse

You said you couldn’t live without me

Me? The one you never even see?

In the beginning you were so filled with passion

Now I’m on the back burner for when you’re bored says your actions

I’ve been telling you for weeks I’m not ok

Now my wrists hold the evidence that I barely survived another day

You are done there, living separate lives

She’s making your lunch and wearing your ring

Doesn’t seem so done from this side as another piece of my soul dies.

Why do I do this to myself…

By Gabriella Nelson

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Dawn's Early Light

…light not broken, still pitch black beyond the glass
The window’s act as mirrors where no outside visions pass.
Perhaps a time to ponder how I view my life and self
I reached for pen and paper which was stored upon the shelf.

Before I’d had the time to organize my thoughts in ink
My eyes began to notice hazy lines, quite dim and pink.
Reflections off the windows seemed to fight to stay opaque
Deep purple background silhouettes now follow darkness’ wake.

The sun had not yet shown its’ disk above horizon’s line
It’s glowing vanguard, chroma blues, not…

By James Geehring

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Wishing Well

…the bottom of the wishing well,

Were all the things I remembered.

The whimsical stories you asked me to tell,

And all of the things you never heard.

At the bottom of the wishing well,

Your words are but a memory;

Of all the bullshit you tried to sell.

What I bought was misery.

At the bottom of the wishing well,

Is where I cast the stone;

To a place where learned lessons dwell,

And the memory of you is only…

By Jessica Doland

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…older man from Scotland drank a pint of whiskey; neat.

And wandering off the known path home, was swallowed by the peat.

The earthy taste of scotch now on his tongue forever more

His spirit haunts the pubs about as ghostly local lore.

The simple-minded townsfolk swear they’d felt his presence still

When, after dark, inside their hearts they’d feel an icy chill.

A drenched and musty smelling form appeared with reaching hand

To clutch at souls of sinners who might dwell within this land.

To venture out at night upon the streets of Aberdeen

Your mind should not be…

By James Geehring

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Wild but Sweet

…waited too long, along time I never had

You won the lottery of my heart and soul

So you alone have the grace to command

To watch this heart surrender and fall for you

Spending time together was preordained

Even though atimes you hurt like thorns

My destiny is to love the joy mixed with pain

Remain for me sweet pain, I won't give you up

Even in another world I will still choose you

For I can never find means to live without you

Around you is my center of attraction

When with you I love life and prays…

By Nwankwo Christian ©

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Whispers of death

…and calms

Hides beneath our shells,

Hollow and pale it shows us something deep within,

Pain so sweet we ache to relive it,

Death it brings us closer,

It holds us down and forces life to take our hands,

Life brings us back and shows us the true beauty of death

Beauty of the fallen few angels and the unscathed demons,

Death it is everything and is nothing,

Life is nothing and is everything

Like black and white they hold us together with broken stitches something so strong and so fragile,

Words can not speak of the beauty,

And words…

By Marina Vos

Facebook URL: https://www.facebook.com/marina.vos.564

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Little girl

…girl holding her heart

Broken by the past

Broken by someone she loved,

Little girl forgot what it's like to be with someone She trusts,

Little girl almost gave up

Til she found someone,

Someone she loves,

Little girl holding her heart wishing she could fix it, wishing it was whole hating who broke it

Hating who stole it,

Little girl a warrior hidden beneath

Those brown eyes,

Little girl holding her heart

Broken by the past

broken by someone she loves,

Little girl standing alone,

Standing strong,

Showing the ones who broke her

She can fix her broken heart…

By Marina Vos

Facebook URL: https://www.facebook.com/marina.vos.564

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She's always tired,

Somehow no one sees,

The battle inside her head,

She needs time but she can't control it,

Slowly it feels like her soul is slipping through the cracks and her mind is turning to ash,

Something so simple, so beautiful,

Yet her mind cannot find peace to except it,

Something her soul can't control and her mind can't expell,

It's clutches grab at her heart slowly turning it to black,

She's tired,

She's always so tired,

Looking for a way to slip away,

To slip from the darkness around her heart,

Because she can't take it…

By Marina Vos

Facebook URL: https://www.facebook.com/marina.vos.564

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To Good to be True

…your picture close to my heart

My thoughts pull me back to when I fell in love with you


Day weeks or months, I don’t know how long it took

Our eyes met, hands touched and I felt it perusing through


Love needs no security; love needs not to be feared

You taught me the art of loving for endless years


Looks like those of a fictional hero, graceful in his ways

Our eyes locked, heart stopped, you took my breath away


A coincidence or a miracle, what was it I wonder

What did I ever do to deserve someone…

Website: https://theserenespirituality.blogspot.com/

By Anonymous

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…the dark I am lost

Digging, grappling, wandering

Hoping for something to anchor on

Like a ship sinking slowly in the sea.


I tried, I cried, I begged

Alas! My light, my love you fell on deaf ears

I am battered, my heart is shattered

I failed, I failed, I lost the case


I shamed and been shamed on

I hurt and have hurt

Struggling yet standing

Fighting a losing battle


Come light, come light

Illumine my way the fight is still on 'til I won

Life and light will be mine again

Come light be mine…

By Rhine Torres

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