…grey thoughts surround me as I calm my shaking hand.

And hoping when my deed is done perhaps you’ll understand?

There are no second chances now, you waived them all away,

confident in knowing you’ll succeed another day.


So tired of all your cheating. Your lies; your cruel deceit.

I’ve found my strength to end this now: It’s going to be my treat.

I thought I’d try to stab you, but I hate the sight of blood

And burning down your house would only scare the neighbourhood.


But Arsenic is a great idea , concealed in Shepherd’s Pie!

Revenge is such …

By Lisa Talbott

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…sorrow and pain,
Her mind drifts away,
For she can't see the beauty of her nature,
With voices in her head unable to process, 
Those never ending fights with unseen sights,
She stands alone with darkness at her side,
Below the surface trembling like a dog,
Her fear is unspoken words,
Never leaving her side but oh how she wishes, 
With regrets and regards she lifts her hear head up, 
With pain and confusion she pulls back her shoulder,
With strength and courage she walks,
Always listening to the voices inside her head, 
Never would she stop singing the songs inside…

By Marina Vos

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Written from a hole I was not sure I would ever get out of.


…is the spark I think I see

In others, but don’t see in me

The taste of smiles, life’s joyous zest

Why can’t I feel like all the rest?

I play my part, no understudy,

Unending search for friend or buddy

Vicarious scenes from other’s lives

A few brief sparks, my soul derives.

At times I weep, no point or thought

Perhaps from deeds I’ve done or wrought

And yet with life, I can’t connect

Emotions viewed quite circumspect.

As others’ feelings generate

I search within, a rising hate

The inability to show concern

Deep feelings aren’t a thing to…

By James Geehring

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First Step

…must take the first step,

dead calm surrounding me.

My heart is beating fast inside,

my terror running free.

To step into the unknown,

with no safety net to catch.

A stagnant life of caution,

or live with some regrets?

The choice lies here before me.

Which path fate chose I met.

One thing is though, quite certain.

We must each decide ourselves,

for your path isn’t for me,

and mine for no one…

By Tracey Koehler

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Too Much Talk Yet Nothing Said

…sunburst, rainbows on fire, skylights of silver stars, black cherry ice spikes, mango splash slides and champagne on angel wings.

We are craving the dynamite. We are tasting your explosions.

All the promises and the failed deliveries. The dangled broken pieces of romance and the loose fitting rumors but we keep wanting the truth we keep hoping for your reality. We watch we want and we believe as you dance and circle and flaunt. Run. No. Stay. We have to have you. Go. Wait. Show us more.

It's hypnotic erotic. It's disgusting and beautiful.

Hold still. Fly away.

There's whispers…

By Shauna Woodbury

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…never overtaken with goodness,

It’s only so with sadness

Consuming thoughts and emotional mulch,

A dismal sort of madness.

My movements slow and purposeful,

No joy to hurry pace

And even lifting eyes from ground

The effort shows in face.

This pool of sadness, deep in mind

Why do I tarry there?

I know the path that leads away

From tears besodden lair.

Why must I fight within myself

To keep from feeling low

Trying to shield my happy thoughts

From sorrow’s heavy blow.

I find a brighter path to walk

Away from woeful pit

Yet tricky maps within my…

By James Geehring

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My Sickness

From the soul of a Simple Sue.


…so sick of being sorry,

sick of always being wrong,

sick of never being good enough.

Just sick and tired of it all!

I'm sick of words misunderstood,

sick of words that go unheard,

sick of explaining what you won't understand.

Sick and tired of this silent stand.

I'm so sick of tears burning my eyes,

sick of feeling this ache inside,

sick of hoping that someday I'll be fine.

Sick and tired of wasted time.

I'm sick of trying,

sick of defeat,

I'm sick of the pain.

Sick and tired with nothing to…

By Simple Sue

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…I seek refuge in the calm of your shadow, the delicate darkness where the air smells like home,

the dark waters I dive into in the absence of your light brings me to creatures of the night, and some at times tempt me into going to the void beyond darkness itself,

maybe its the dark umbra playing tricks on my mind, or maybe it's me finally seeing the truth beyond the light,

but this familiarity I feel inside the shadows, I simply cannot deny,

now I know I am trapped within the dark,

and there are shards of glass scattered…

By Shakar Roka

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Rantings of a Madman in Love

My experiences living with a man suffering from drug induced psychosis


I love you

Don’t leave

I promise I’ll change

I’m sorry

You bitch

No one will ever love you

Everyone thinks you’re a whore

Don’t go

I didn’t mean it

I can’t live without you

I’ll blow my brains out

You’re my soulmate

Why are you doing this to me?

How could you be so heartless

I need you

Stupid bitch

I’ll burn…

By Tracey Koehler

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Cry Mercy

…uninvited comes, cry mercy

It’s too personal to share, unworthy

A curtain drops, then comes darkness

Any light that gets through brings harshness

An act to play must hide away

Let no one know you feel this way

The push the pull only makes it worse

Those who care most try hardest to coerce

Makes you want to scream, cry mercy

From the depths you just don’t care

Alone is comfort an answer to prayer

Until it isn’t, your skin to crawl

Repetition is all you know

It’s like a drug, addiction to grow

Up then down, rare the days…

By John Reise

From: United States

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What Love Is To Me

Love has many meanings, and everyone describes it differently, but in this poem, Lewis Wamwanda describes what love is, according to him.


…fact that we don't talk daily

And even rarely meet

Or laugh all night long

Does not mean I don't love

The fact that we don't go out

And prefer to cook at home

Wash utensils, and do the cleaning

Means Love to me

The fact that we have busy schedules

From dawn to dawn, dusk to dusk

And pause a second to say hi

Or a moment to say goodnight

Means love to me

The fact that you cry when I cry

And travel miles to be a comfort

And travel miles to give a hug

And tears to …

By Lewis Wamwanda

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Small Gifts

…barometer is dropping, skies are filled with scudding clouds

Which gather into towers, bottoms dark as funeral shrouds

Winds, that once were calm, now cause the flags to stand out straight

And whip the water into waves with faces dark as slate.

The smell of dampened pavement, on the breeze, precedes the rain

Then one by one cloud’s droplets fall on dry earth as a stain.

Sheets of water follow, sharp lines are less defined

Gutters overflowing, their grates with twigs entwined.

Playing, splashing children, soaked to skin, they are not shy

Their parents with umbrellas, shoulders hunched, to keep…

By James Geehring

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You're Fired

…don't care anymore. You can leave. You can stay. You can talk I won't listen. You can cry I can cry but the tears that fall aren't for the same reason.

Black white pink blue it's all just talk it's all just empty words filling up air space. Your breath

is foul anyway. Poisoned by your lies festered in bile. It doesn't matter. Preach, yell, rant, or offer creepy platitudes and cliches. I'm going on without you.

You are a stain in my memory. You are... There's no point in finishing this simply because I don't care. No need to…

By Shauna Woodbury

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Trujillo The Tyrant

General Trujillo was the tyrant of Dominican Republic between 1930 and 1961, when he was assassinated.

To my brother Eddy, hero and survivor

of torture

I’m the shadow

Behind shadows

I’m the lightning

That makes you blind.

I’m the demon

Laughing at your tears.

I swallow your pride for supper

Throw your bones by the side;

I’ll possess your daughter

No matter where you hide her.

I’ll smell the black soil of your farm

I’ll want it, I’ll have it

You’re lucky to be alive.

You know my evil,

The stench of my perfume,

Fear my spies,

Proclaim my power…

By Ricardo Bogaert-Alvarez

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